Jasmine Beauty Face Oil, .5oz


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After Rose, Jasmine Beauty Face Oil is a big time fave of many of our customers. We like to alternate between the different face oils as research has shown that skin tends to prefer variety over the long term, rather than the same flower over and again. (Similar to how our bodies will typically prefer a varied diet.)


Jasmine Beauty Face Oil is good for all skin types, especially normal skin (neither very dry nor very oily). It is a balancing oil and ideal for the maintenance of normal skin.


To use, apply 5-10 drops on clean, damp skin. Reapply after a few minutes if needed. Skin should feel comfortable, pliable, hydrated and balanced. Jasmine Beauty Face Oil is absorbed very well by the skin and will not leave you feeling like you have a mask on. Many people love using our face oils with our flower waters.


Jasmine has traditionally been considered to be a masculine flower, and was commonly referred to as the "King of Flowers." However, both men and women can benefit from Jasmine. It is the premier oil used by aromatherapists to combat depression, as it is shown to significantly increase levels of serotonin, endorphins and other stress-neutralizing neurotransmitters. It helps one to overcome issues associated with low self esteem, low confidence, and shyness. Jasmine has also formed the central element in some of the loftiest perfumes since as far back as ancient Egypt. Queen Cleopatra is known to have maintained vast gardens of the flower in order to ensure her own personal supply of its precious oil.


Today, most Jasmine flowers and oil are grown and produced in Egypt. It takes about 5,000 to 7,000 pounds of fresh hand-picked Jasmine blossoms to produce just one pound of the oil, which makes it one of the costliest oils on the market.


Contains: pure unrefined golden jojoba, jasmine lipids, and jasmine oil. Vegan.


Our products don't contain any emulsifiers, thickeners, stabilizers, binders or preservatives. The lipids used in our products are all natural and will respond to temperature changes, becoming harder when cool and softer when warm. Small lumps here and there are totally normal. None of this affects the efficacy of any of our products.