Jasmine Intensive Beauty Salve, 25ml

Our Jasmine Intensive is designed to balance, beautify, and hydrate especially dry and/or mature skin. Of all our moisturizers, it has the highest percentage of flower lipids. With regular use, Jasmine Intensive will reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and help keep skin strong and youthful. It's rich in naturally occurring antioxidants such as carotenoids that nourish, and displays bioflavonoid activity which promotes collagen production. Suitable for on and around lips and eye lids. For best results, use Magic Soap before moisturizing.


To use, apply very sparingly to clean, damp skin. Works especially well with our flower waters. Simply spritz skin a few times with flower water before applying Jasmine Intensive. Allow 5-10 minutes for Jasmine Intensive to absorb. If skin still feels dry, apply a tiny bit more. If skin feels oily, you've used too much-- a little goes a long way! To remove excess, blot face using a soft cotton towel.


Contains: proprietary blend of jasmine lipids and oils with beeswax in a base of jojoba.


Our products don't contain any emulsifiers, thickeners, stabilizers, binders or preservatives. The lipids used in our products are all natural and will respond to temperature changes, becoming harder when cool and softer when warm. Small lumps here and there are totally normal. None of this affects the efficacy of any of our products.


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