Virtues of Flowers

Flowers are one of nature's most exquisite gifts to humanity. They are sublime, gorgeous, and magnificent.


The aromatic oils and lipids contained within flower petals are amazing substances. They are extremely rich in "information" or "instruction" molecules, and the language in which these instructions are written is one that is understood by human, animal, and plant cells alike.


The instructions inherent in flowers (more than any other parts of plants) is to emphasize beautification and attractiveness to all external tissues they come in contact with; such as hair, skin, and nails. Flower bearing plants have evolved to possess this fascinating aspect because flowers have to rely upon their own power of attraction in order to attract their pollinators. The very survival of the plant depends upon this.


In the petals of flowers, the lipids encapsulate the volatile aromatic essence (the "instruction" or "information" molecules of the flower). By default, the lipids are imbued with this intelligence and, when used on the body, relay instructions to cells, thereby beautifying, healing, balancing etc.


Flower extracts are precious body care products and have myriad beneficial uses:


  • The lipids gently exfoliate. They remove dead skin cells and increase cell turnover.
  • The lipids aid in the reduction of age spots by acting as free radical scavengers.
  • The lipids are rich in carotenoids, vitamin E, and other antioxidants.
  • Flower oils display bioflavonoid activity and strengthen skin by promoting collagen production.
  • Hydrosols hydrate, soothe, and soften skin.


Flower extracts have a purifying, restorative, and regenerative effect. They help heal damaged hair, skin, and nails and increase overall luster and radiance. These virtues are particularly great for smokers, as smoking is quite damaging to the skin.


Flower extracts have the ability to provide very tangible benefits almost immediately. When our soap, hydrosols, and moisturizers are used regularly as a regimen, blemishes are corrected and skin is healed very rapidly. Our customers are always amazed at how quickly their skin is corrected of blemishes from acne, age/liver spots, scars, blackheads, whiteheads, and numerous other skin problems.


As if all this wasn't fantastic enough, the proverbial cherry on top is that genuine flower oils are known to balance brain neurochemistry. By activating pleasure centers in the brain, they stimulate the release of neurotransmitters that actually neutralize stress chemicals in the body. This unique effect is one of the reasons genuine flower oils are very effective regenerators and rejuvenators. A face that shows little or no stress naturally looks less tired and more youthful. 


The significant and measurable increase in serotonin, endorphins, dopamine, etc. in the brain is well known to doctors and naturopaths in many parts of Europe. Patients suffering from depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder are often given genuine flower oils as a gentle means of alleviating symptoms of their illness, as well as certain side effects of  any prescribed medications they may be taking.



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