Essential Mouthwash 2oz
One of our best sellers!   For over 2 decades now, customers have been raving about our mouthwash! Long ago, when Lalila Beauty was known as La Ligne Alchimique, Essential Mouthwash was featured in Allure Magazine's Editors' Favori ... (Read More)
Intimate Hygiene for Women 2oz
One of our bestsellers!   Intimate Hygiene for Women is gentle and effective at relieving uncomfortable symptoms such as dryness, itchiness, and excess discharge of the vaginal area. Helpful during perimenopause and menopause. ... (Read More)
Ozone Blend 0.5oz
A blend of pure essential oils that promote respiratory health. Excellent to use during the cold and flu season. Helps cleanse the lungs and alleviate congestion. This blend will benefit those living in polluted cities as the gentle solvent ... (Read More)