Lalila Beauty is an independently owned and operated, all-natural body care company based in Ventura, California. We are a super unique company that specializes in using various flower extracts for the promotion and maintenance of youthful, natural beauty, and all of our products are handmade in small batches. They are safe, gentle, and very effective! Most of our line is vegan and none of our products are tested on animals. We don't use synthetic fragrances, binders, thickeners, emulsifiers, preservatives, petroleum based oils, or any other toxic chemicals.


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Holistic Bites

Listen to our new audio series, Holistic Bites. Each fun and informative episode features Lalila Beauty owner, Leilihana, giving a talk on a particular holistic health topic. In some episodes, you'll also learn how to get the most out of our very unique body care line. 


Ep.4 Get the most out of flower lipid moisturizers

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