Holistic Bites

Our new audio series featuring Leilihana, owner and creator of Lalila Beauty. In each fun and informative "bite-size" episode, she gives a talk about a particular holistic health topic. In some episodes, you'll also learn how to get the most out of our very unique body care line.


Ep.4 Getting the most out of flower lipid moisturizers

Ep.3 Eating healthy, made simple... really!

For years now, people have been asking Leilihana to spill the (organic) beans, and share a bit of her decades worth of knowledge and experience maintaining a healthy, wholesome diet. Well, here it is! And guess what? Eating healthy is not as hard as some might think. In fact, it can be pretty simple... really!

Ep.2 What's Magic Soap all about?

Leilihana gives us the scoop on her famous Magic Soap. What is it, and how the heck is it so darn magical?!

Ep.1 Why the heck are we so obsessed with flowers?!

Eloquently weaving together both the science and (he)art behind her super unique body care line, Leilihana expertly explains how it is that flowers can be so darn miraculous when correctly used in body care. Her passion, experience, depth of knowledge and understanding, as well as her joyful nature, all make for a fun and highly informative learning experience. Enjoy!

Ventura Talks


Ventura Talks, a local web based video series, interviewed some folks during the Community Healing Fair at Place of Peace Sanctuary, a nonprofit 501c3 in Ventura, California, back in November 2014, and Leilihana, the founder of Lalila Beauty, was asked to participate.



starts at 35:46