Haniel, 1oz


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(Lovely, intoxicating aroma. Floral, but deeply balanced.)

One of our all time top favorites scents!

Rose, Jasmine, and Neroli (bitter orange blossoms) are among the noblest and most celebrated of flowers in the perfume world. They have formed the central elements of the loftiest classic perfumes throughout the ages: from Greco-Roman times to the medieval splendor of Emperor Shah Jehan (builder of the Taj Mahal), and on through the Baroque period of Louis Quatorze, up until about 125 years ago when synthetic fragrances were first introduced.

According to the traditions of aromatherapy, all negative emotions can be addressed with the use of either Rose, Jasmine, or Neroli. These three oils are the primary oils used in our Haniel blend.


Contains: rose otto, jasmine enfleurage, neroli essential oil and other oils in a base of grain alcohol and distilled water. Vegan.


To use, shake well and spritz on wrists or neck. Or spray on cotton clothing and/or bed linens for longer lasting scent.


Our colognes do not contain any emulsifiers. Shake well before each and every use.