Magic Cream

Used as a leave-in conditioner, Magic Cream will smooth out dry, frizzy hair, leaving it manageable, soft, and lustrous. Finger comb a tiny amount into hair, paying close attention to dry, dull areas (outer surface of hair). Allow 5 or more minutes for Magic Cream to fully absorb. Use as much as necessary (amount will vary depending on hair type and condition), but always start with a tiny amount. If your hair feels oily, you've used too much. In this case, blot excess with a cotton hand towel.


Contains: proprietary blend of flower lipids, essential oils, and absolutes in a base of golden jojoba. Vegan.


Our products don't contain any emulsifiers, thickeners, stabilizers, binders or preservatives. The lipids used in our products are all natural and will respond to temperature changes, becoming harder when cool and softer when warm. Small lumps here and there are totally normal. None of this affects the efficacy of any of our products.



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