Essential Mouthwash 2oz

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For over 2 decades now, customers have been raving about our mouthwash! Long ago, when Lalila Beauty was known as La Ligne Alchimique, Essential Mouthwash was featured in Allure Magazine's Editors' Favorites page!


Current scientific research tells us that benign microflorae in the human mouth can actually mutate into harmful pathogenic versions in response to poor oral hygiene, improper PH balance, and residues of refined/denatured foods. They can then migrate to other parts of the body where they can create/promote infections and disease.


Toothpastes with detergents and chemical antiseptics destroy the fragile friendly bacteria in the mouth, thereby actually promoting the growth of unfriendly bacteria which are less prone to being harmed by chemicals.


Natural, non-fractionated, pure essential oils on the other hand, posses amazing homeostatic intelligence (self-adjusting mechanisms) that destroy pathogenic microflorae by interfering in their metabolic processes, making it difficult for them to reproduce. Friendly microflorae are left unharmed by essential oils.


  • Essential Oils have natural solvent properties. Daily use will prevent plaque from collecting on the teeth and help keep teeth shiny.
  • Essential Oils destroy harmful bacteria and promote friendly ones. They alter the PH balance of the mouth, leaving a fresh, clean feeling.
  • Essential Oils such Fennel, Thyme, Mint, and Basil have digestive properties and help prevent halitosis caused by putrefactive, undigested food in the digestive tract.
  • Essential Oils have proven antiscorbutic properties, thus stopping bleeding of the gums. They also strengthen gums.
  • Essential Oils help strengthen teeth by promoting better nutrition availability to the roots through increasing healthy blood supply.
  • Essential Oils alter the texture and odor of saliva, transforming thick, sticky, foul smelling saliva into sweet, watery, less or non-acidic saliva.


To use: Put 5-10 drops of mouthwash in half ounce of water and swish around mouth for several seconds. Spit and rinse.

IMPORTANT: Shake well before each use. The essential oils weigh less than the water/spirits base, therefore they float up to the top of the bottle and remain there. Shaking before each use temporarily blends the oils and base together.


Contains: proprietary blend of essential oils in a base of purified water and vegetal spirits. Vegan.

Store in a cool, dry area away from light and heat.

Essential Mouthwash


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